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Testing software properly is such a fundamental skill in modern software development. But testing software is so much more than writing a bunch of JUnit or Selenium tests. It’s about engineering tests that actually find bugs... Tests that explore the boundaries, the weird corner cases and the off-by-ones of your code!

Writing good and strong tests that you can trust is what this book is all about. It’s not a “tutorial” on JUnit, but a set of techniques that you can use to look at your code and come up with strong good test cases. Of course, in the end, all the test cases become JUnit tests, so you can expect lots of code and pragmatic tips on how to write good test methods too.

Why did I decide to write this book? Because I realized that most books on testing out there focus on the tooling itself. They either teach you how to get the best out of JUnit or Selenium or whatever tool you use. However, they do not talk much about the most important thing when it comes to testing: the tests themselves and how to create good ones!

Writing tests was always my passion, and this book contains everything I learned as a developer, as a consultant, and as a software engineering researcher over the last 18 years. You will see that many ideas I share in the book come from research papers, some of them even 30 years old.