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About this Book


This book has the following goals:

  • Inspire would-be team leaders to take the plunge
  • Teach new and experienced leaders how to deal with everyday issues that are people-related
  • Explore a new manifesto and value system for leaders to follow, and use as a compass when making tough decisions
  • Teach leaders how to teach others and how to learn new skills themselves through challenges

Who should read this book

Although this book is primarily written from the viewpoint of someone who works in the software industry, I’ve heard from people in other industries that the concepts in the book have helped them as well. Anyone in a leadership position (present or future) may find value here; and people in the software industry will find most of the concepts relatable.

This book is intended for anyone who has thought about undertaking or is currently in a leadership position. This isn’t limited to managers or team leads. If you’re in any position in which you make decisions that other people rely on and wait for, this book can help you learn how to improve your professional life and the professional lives of the people around you. People who fit into this category may include software architects, build managers, security folks, UI experts, and more. If you have the word expert in your job title, it’s very likely you can find value in this book.


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