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The primary goal of Electron in Action is to get you started building Electron applications quickly. We explore many of the foundational concepts by learning them as we put them to practice in code. This book seeks to not only introduce you to the basics of Electron, but also provide you with inspiration and ideas for applications of your own.

Who should read this book

The book is for anyone who wants to build applications that defy the limits put in place in the browser. It’s a book for anyone who wants to scratch their own itch and build desktop applications without having to learn a new programming language or framework. It’s a book for small teams punching above their weight and delivering applications that run on multiple operating systems from one code base. Nearest to my heart, this book is for anyone who wants to take a command-line application and provide a GUI or remove the requirement that a user have Node.js installed on their computer in order to use their application or tool.

I’ll assume that you’re familiar with JavaScript, but will guide you through any parts of the web platform or Node.js that might be unfamiliar to you, since you might only have experience in one of those areas depending on your background.


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