Elm in Action MEAP V12 cover


Thanks for buying the MEAP of Elm in Action! I hope you find this a wonderfully practical journey into a delightful language.

As an early adopter of Elm, I felt like a wide-eyed sprinter barreling down an exciting path that had not yet been paved. Now that I’ve had time to catch my breath, I’m eager to help pave that road for future travelers. My goal for this book is for you to enjoy learning Elm even more than I did...and I loved it so much I’m writing a book about it!

More than anything, I hope this book gives you the confidence to use Elm professionally. As much as I enjoyed using Elm on a side project, it’s brought me even more joy at work. When I think back on what motivated my team to try it, it was the practical benefits: reliability, a quicker development loop, and a lower maintenance burden.

The most authentic way I know to convey the benefits of building an application in Elm is...well, to build an application in Elm. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing over the course of this book: developing an application from start to finish, learning the language along the way. By the end you’ll have built, refactored, and tested an Elm code base. If using it at work sounds appealing, you’ll be able to convey its benefits based on firsthand experience!