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This is a book about the enterprise OSGi programming model, and it’s also a book about using OSGi in the enterprise. It shows you how to combine OSGi’s elegant, modular, service-oriented approach with Java EE’s well-established persistence, transaction, and web technologies. It guides you through the cases when your project has lots of bits spread all over the network, some new, some old, some that you don’t even recognize, and many that you didn’t write yourself. It’s packed with tips on how to use OSGi in the messy real world, with guidance on tools, building, testing, and integrating with non-OSGi systems and libraries.


Three groups of developers should find this book interesting. The first is developers who know Java EE, but who want to bring more modularity to their applications by learning OSGi. The second is those who know OSGi, but want to learn how to take advantage of some of Java EE’s higher-level programming models. The last is developers who are familiar with both Java EE and OSGi, but who never knew the two could be combined! We don’t assume knowledge of either Java EE or OSGi, but familiarity with at least one of them will help.


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