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Thanks for purchasing the MEAP edition of Entity Framework Core in Action, second edition. This update of my original book (released in 2018) contains the following:

  • Updates to bring the book up to the latest version of EF Core. Note that in MEAP stages, some of the EF Core 5 changes aren’t yet available, but the book won’t be fully released until EF Core 5.0, at which point I will update the book to match that release.
  • Since the first edition was published, I have been quite busy building libraries and working on clients’ applications. This second edition therefore has two new chapters and big changes to four chapters based on my experiences of building real applications with EF Core.

The book assumes you know C# and have built an application, using things like development tools, creating projects, finding/loading NuGet packages, and some knowledge LINQ. I assume you know what a relational database is, but you don’t need to know the SQL language, which most relational databases use.

The book starts with the basics and builds up in complexity in part 1. Part 2 is a reference section – useful, but maybe a bit dry. The last section, called Using Entity Framework Core in real-world applications, is about building larger and high-performance applications.

Accompanying code - EfCoreinAction-SecondEdition

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