3 Building your first React Native app

This chapter covers

  • Building a todo app from the ground up
  • Light debugging

When learning a new framework, technology, language, or concept, diving directly into the process by building a real app is a great way to jump-start the learning process. Now that you understand the basics of how React and React Native work, let’s put these pieces together to make your first app: a todo app. Going through the process of building a small app and using the information we’ve gone over so far will be a good way to reinforce your understanding of how to use React Native.

You’ll use some functionality in the app that we haven’t yet covered in depth, and some styling nuances we’ve yet to discuss, but don’t worry. Instead of going over these new ideas one by one now, you’ll build the basic app and then learn about these concepts in detail in later chapters. Take this opportunity to play around with the app as you build it to learn as much as possible in the process: feel free to break and fix styles and components to see what happens.

3.1 Laying out the todo app

3.2 Coding the todo app

3.3 Opening the developer menu

3.3.1 Opening the developer menu in the iOS simulator

3.3.2 Opening the developer menu in the Android emulator

3.3.3 Using the developer menu

3.4 Continuing building the todo app




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