Chapter 1 Reacting with RxJS

Chapter 2 from RxJS in Action by Paul Pl Daniels and Luis Atencio

This chapter covers

  • Looking at streams as the main unit of work
  • Understanding functional programming’s influence on RxJS
  • Identifying different types of data sources and how to handle them
  • Modeling data sources as RxJS observables
  • Consuming observables with observers

   2.1. Functional programming as the pillar of reactive programming

  2.1.1. Functional programming

  2.1.2. The iterator pattern

   2.2. Stream’s data-driven approach

   2.3. Wrapping data sources with Rx.Observable

  2.3.1. Identifying different sources of data

  2.3.2. Creating RxJS observables

  2.3.3. When and where to use RxJS

  2.3.4. To push or not to push

   2.4. Consuming data with observers

  2.4.1. The Observer API

  2.4.2. Creating bare observables

  2.4.3. Observable modules

   2.5. Summary



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