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About this Book


The purpose of this book is to inform and educate you about the flexible and powerful desktop framework, Ext JS. This book is designed to walk you through the basics of using this framework all the way through to developing and deploying production applications with Sencha Cmd. After you’ve read this book, you should be able to develop robust desktop web applications. This revised edition covers the many new features of Ext JS 4.0.

Who should read this book

This book is intended for developers who want to use Ext JS to create rich desktop web applications that feel native. Although Ext JS is themed and highly customized, this book is targeted to those who primarily perform the programming aspect of specification implementation.

We assume that you already have a working understanding of how websites interact with web servers. To be most effective in writing robust and responsive applications, you need a solid background with core technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON. The only time we talk in detail about these core technologies is in chapter 13, where we discuss prototypal inheritance with JavaScript, a prerequisite to the Ext JS class system.

What you’ll need

In the book, we’ll walk you through many hands-on examples. In order to get the most out of them, the following items should be set up on your computer:


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