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Have you looked into F# briefly, found it interesting, and felt that your business could benefit from using it—but you aren’t sure how to best use F# in practice, how to approach problems from the functional-first perspective, and how to convince your colleagues that F# is the right choice? If you’re nodding while reading these words, then you’re holding the right book!

In this book, we’ve tried to answer many of the difficult questions that you have to answer when you learn F# and want to use it in practice. What does your business gain from adopting functional-first programming? What are some of the areas where people have succeeded with F#, and what is the best strategy for integrating F# with the rest of your ecosystem? And how do F# developers and architects think when they approach a problem?

These aren’t easy questions, and there isn’t a single answer. So rather than seeking just 1 answer, we collected 11 answers from different people who come from different backgrounds and different industries. If you’re working in a particular industry, then you’ll likely find a chapter that is close to what you’re doing, and you can start reading the book from there, focusing on the topic(s) that are close to you. That said, none of the chapters is specific to a single industry or a single problem. Each chapter has a more general takeaway point that is interesting even if you’re coming from elsewhere.

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