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Hello Dear Reader!

Thank you for buying the MEAP version of this book. I’m very much looking forward to your feedback as I continue through the book, and I hope that you find it both an enjoyable and educational read!

When I wrote “Get Programming With F#” (GPWF) a few years back, I wanted to create a practical, pragmatic and easy to understand guide to using F# for real-world applications. Whilst the book achieved those goals and has received positive feedback, some parts of it quickly aged due to circumstances outside of my control: The release of .NET Core. When I started the book, .NET Core wasn’t even a real thing – it was called DNX at the time and didn’t have a clearly publicized vision of where it was going (or even that it would in time replace the .NET Framework). But today, .NET Core is both the present and future of .NET development; this presented certain challenges for GPWF:

  • The book focused on .NET Framework.
  • The book focused on Windows development, and tooling. F# is now a first-class cross-platform language with associated tooling.
  • Even worse, many of the libraries and frameworks that almost half of the book focused on were either rendered outdated or completely obsolete by the advent of .NET Core.