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About this Book


This book is designed to allow you, as a developer, to get the best performance out of your websites. This book delivers details, best practices, caveats, tips, and tricks to improve the performance of your websites and reduce the load times of your web pages.

How to use this book

Every new chapter in this book is intended to teach the reader a new web performance concept. As you follow along with each chapter, and open the accompanying source code, you will be able to follow the steps provided to improve the performance of the sample website. Each chapter in the book is also designed to work as a standalone concept; that is, you can chose a chapter and apply just that technique and you will improve your website. As we progress through the chapters, we will be constantly improving the sample website and each technique will take the sample website closer to performance nirvana.

Who should read this book

This book is for web developers who are looking to improve the performance of their web pages. It is also for developers who are looking to dive a little deeper into web development and understand the page lifecycle that is happening as a user loads their website. This book covers fundamental techniques that are applicable to web pages regardless of the programming language. The techniques that are covered are generally universal, but aimed toward the ASP.NET website developer.


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