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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Fast Python. This is an advanced book written for Python programmers who already have some practical experience under their belt. You are probably already dealing with some large problems and you would like to know how to produce solutions that are more efficient: you want a faster solution, that uses less CPU resources, less storage and less network. You want to dig deeper and understand a bit more how Python works: you are at a stage where you need to dig deeper in order to write more efficient solutions.

You know all the basic Python language features: most of its syntax and a few of its built-in libraries. You are using, or have heard of libraries like NumPy, Pandas or SciPy. You might have dabbled with the multiprocessing module, but you would definitely like to know more. You know that you can rewrite parts of your Python code in a lower level language or system like Cython, Numba or C. You are keen on exploring new ways to make your code more efficient like offloading code to GPUs