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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Fluent Bit with Kubernetes. This book is all about how we can monitor or observe our applications and environments using the CNCF graduated Fluent Bit. Fluent Bit is a natural partner to OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Kubernetes, and many other cloud-native technologies. But Fluent Bit’s applicability extends well beyond just cloud native and can deliver value monitoring in the most traditional of environments.

In this book, we’ll address the benefits of using Fluent Bit and demonstrate its use to help monitor applications and platforms writing to the console or log files all the way through to OpenTelemetry instrumented microservices. We’ll look at how we can use Fluent Bit just with a command line to get our log events into a more manageable location or tool and go as far as logging in a multi-cloud distributed scenario with the monitored logs, metrics, and traces needing to go to multiple destinations in different formats.

If you’re already using Fluentd, you’re probably aware of Fluent Bit. In this book, you’ll see how Fluent Bit can be used to complement an optional transition from Fluentd, providing access to the latest innovations from OpenTelemetry to stream analytics as well as greater flexibility, efficiency, and throughput that Fluent Bit now offers.