Functional Programming in C#: How to write better C# code cover
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About this Book

This book aims to show how you can leverage functional techniques in C# to write code that is concise, elegant, robust, and maintainable.

Who should read this book

This book is for an ambitious breed of developer. You know the C# language and the .NET framework. You have experience developing real-world applications and are familiar with OOP concepts, patterns, and best practices. Yet, you’re looking to expand your arsenal by learning functional techniques so that you can make the most out of C# as a multiparadigm language.

If you’re trying or planning to learn a functional language, this book will also be hugely valuable, because you’ll learn how to think functionally in a language you’re familiar with. Changing the way you think is the hard part; once that’s achieved, learning the syntax of any particular language will be relatively easy.

How this book is organized

The book consists of 15 chapters, divided into 3 parts:

Code conventions and downloads

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