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About this Book


This is not a book about Scala. This book is an introduction to functional programming (FP), a radical, principled approach to writing software. We use Scala as the vehicle to get there, but you can apply the lessons herein to programming in any language. As you work through this book, our goal is for you to gain a firm grasp of functional programming concepts, become comfortable writing purely functional programs, and be able to absorb new material on the subject, beyond what we cover here.

How this book is structured

The book is organized into four parts. In part 1, we talk about exactly what functional programming is and introduce some core concepts. The chapters in part 1 give an overview of fundamental techniques like how to organize small functional programs, define purely functional data structures, handle errors, and deal with state.

Building on this foundation, part 2 is a series of tutorials on functional design. We work through some examples of practical functional libraries, laying bare the thought process that goes into designing them.


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