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One thing you will find as you begin your way through this book is that I am passionate about search. I believe we need to make it easy for our data consumers to find the relevant data they need with very little effort on their part. I believe, given enough interaction with a data consumer, that we can learn their needs and begin to deliver relevant data to them without them even asking. I believe that the marriage of search and AI are the best and easiest way to accomplish this. This is why I am so enamored with Fusion. While the data platform space may seem saturated right now, Fusion stands out as a mature and lean platform that puts search first.

It is my goal to provide you with practical knowledge to help you gain the most from your data and provide the best data interaction experience to your users. If you are new to search, I will cover the concepts in enough detail that you should have a good understanding of what is going on under the hood in Fusion. If you are coming to Fusion with a background in search, I intend to draw into focus some newer features that will help you take search to the next level.

As a part of Manning’s “In Action” series, this book focuses on getting you to use the product and implement solutions from which you can extrapolate solutions to your data problems. I strongly encourage you to follow along with the examples and experience for yourself the power of search.