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I believe that knowing the math behind your tools, makes you a better engineer. This is true for mechanical engineering, this is true for electrical engineering, and this should be true for software engineering as well. If you work with game engines or CAD frameworks, geometry is your math. Knowing the geometry behind your framework makes you a better programmer.

Better programmers write better soft and we all need better soft now more than ever. Every time a text editor lags, I think “come on! It’s just text. Millions of Bézier splines put together. How hard could it be?” The laggy text editor was my neverending source of motivation to write this book.

Or when you add a picture. It’s just a matrix of colors. The computer screen is also a matrix of colors. To display the former on the latter, all you need to do is to apply a proper transformation. When you move, rotate, or rescale the picture, the transformation becomes a composition, but the magic is, the formula that puts a picture on a screen, no matter how complex the composition becomes, still boils down to just a few additions and multiplications.