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The aim of Get Programming with Haskell is to give you a thorough-enough introduction to the Haskell programming language that you can write nontrivial, practical programs when you finish it. Many other Haskell books focus heavily on the academic foundations of Haskell but often leave readers a bit bewildered when it comes to accomplishing tasks that would be mundane in other languages. At the end of this book, you should have a solid sense of what makes Haskell interesting as a programming language, and should also be comfortable making larger applications that work with I/O, generate random numbers, work with databases, and generally accomplish the same things you can in whatever language you’re most comfortable in.

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This book is for anyone with existing programming experience who wants to take their programming skills and understanding of programming languages to the next level. You can come to your own conclusions about how practical Haskell is, but there are two great and practical reasons to learn it.

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