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About this book


Get Programming with JavaScript Next was written for JavaScript programmers looking to learn the modern features introduced in 2015 and later. Instead of focusing on a specific version such as ES2015 or ES2016, I wanted to focus on the best new features that a developer would run into and be expected to understand when thrown into a modern JavaScript development environment.

Who should read this book

Any programmer, no matter their skill level, should get a lot out of this book. This book doesn’t teach “how to program.” Readers are expected to be somewhat comfortable programming with classic JavaScript, but you don’t need to be an expert in JavaScript to follow along.

How this book is organized

This book is broken into cohesive units. Each unit follows a specific theme such as functions or asynchronous coding. Each unit is broken into lessons on a specific topic, and each lesson starts with a priming question designed to get your gears spinning in the right way before we start the lesson. Throughout each lesson, there will be quick checks to make sure you understand the core idea of a section before moving on. At the end of each lesson is an exercise to help you take what you’ve learned and apply it. At the end of each unit is a capstone project that you’ll build using everything you’ve learned throughout the unit.

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