Getting Started with Kubernetes MEAP V02 cover


Thank you for purchasing Getting Started in Kubernetes. I’m writing this book to help developers like you take their application and get it running on Kubernetes, whether it’s your first web app, or you’re moving an existing deployment onto Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a highly capable platform, able to represent a wide range of application deployments and configurations, but this flexibility can make it seem vast and complex at first. My focus is to teach you the most important bits to get your application deployed, and to take advantage of everything it has to offer, like automated operations and rollouts to keep your application running and up to date. This book isn’t intended as a general reference on Kubernetes, for that I recommend Kubernetes in Action also published by Manning, as well as the project documentation itself.

When you get to the end of Part 1, you should have all you need to know to confidently deploy your application into a Kubernetes cluster and keep it running. Part 2 then goes into some more advanced topics and troubleshooting for when you need to do something a little more complex, like retain state in an application, or even deploy your own database (if you really need to).