GitOps and Kubernetes MEAP V03 cover


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GitOps was first described in a series of blog posts by Alexis Richardson in 2017 and is a relatively new and actively emerging topic. Since then, GitOps has been getting an increasing amount of mindshare within the cloud-native community, with lots of articles, blogs, and conference presentations covering the topic. But it felt to us that none of them fully articulated all the issues, considerations, and best-practices required to implement GitOps at enterprise scale effectively.

This book aims to provide readers with a practical guide to implementing a GitOps-based system for managing and operating Kubernetes clusters. We cover fundamental GitOps concepts, such as Environment Management, Access Control & Security, Pipelines, and Observability. There are also chapters on advanced topics such as Deployment Strategies, Secrets, and Considerations for Enterprise Scale. At the end of the book, we tie it all together and provide a step-by-step tutorial for you to learn how to set up a full GitOps CI/CD pipeline for a service using three of the more popular GitOps tools: Argo CD, Jenkins X, and Flux.

To get the most benefit from this book, you’ll want to have an understanding of current software development practices (CI/CD, etc.), Git revision control, and basic Unix shell scripting. It would also be beneficial to have some experience with Kubernetes and containers.