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Google Cloud Platform in Action was written to provide a practical guide for using all of the various cloud products and APIs available from Google. It begins by explaining some of the fundamental concepts needed to understand how cloud works and proceeds from there to build on these concepts one product at a time, digging into the details of how different products work and providing realistic examples of how they can be used.

Who should read this book

Google Cloud Platform in Action is for anyone who builds software products or deals with hosting them. Familiarity with the cloud is not necessary, but familiarity with the basics in the software development toolbox (such as SQL databases, APIs, and command-line tools) is important. If you’ve heard of the cloud and want to know how best to use it, this book is probably for you.

How this book is organized: a roadmap

This book is broken into five sections, each covering a different aspect of Google Cloud Platform. Part 1 explains what Google Cloud Platform is and some of the fundamental pieces of the platform itself, with the goal of building a good foundation before digging into specific cloud products.

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