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This book is designed to be easy to follow. I avoid big leaps of thought. Any time a new concept is introduced, I explain it right away or tell you when I’ll explain it. Core concepts are reinforced with exercises and multiple explanations so that you can check your assumptions and make sure you’re following along.

I lead with examples. Instead of writing symbol soup, my goal is to make it easy for you to visualize these concepts. I also think we learn best by being able to recall something we already know, and examples make recall easier. So when you’re trying to remember the difference between arrays and linked lists (explained in chapter 2), you can just think about getting seated for a movie. Also, at the risk of stating the obvious, I’m a visual learner. This book is chock-full of images.

The contents of the book are carefully curated. There’s no need to write a book that covers every sorting algorithm—that’s why we have Wikipedia and Khan Academy. All the algorithms I’ve included are practical. I’ve found them useful in my job as a software engineer, and they provide a good foundation for more complex topics. Happy reading!


The first three chapters of this book lay the foundations:

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