Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning MEAP V07 cover

Thanks for purchasing the MEAP for Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning. My vision is that by buying this book, you will not only learn deep reinforcement learning but also become an active contributor to the field. Deep reinforcement learning has the potential to revolutionize the world as we know it. By removing humans from decision-making processes, we set ourselves up to succeed. Humans can't match the stamina and work ethic of a computer; we also have biases that make us less than perfect. Imagine how many decision-making applications could be improved with the objectivity and optimal decision making of a machine—healthcare, education, finance, defense, robotics, etc. Think of any process in which a human repeatedly makes decisions; deep reinforcement learning can help in most of them. Deep reinforcement learning can do great things as it is today, but the field is still not perfect. That should excite you, because it means we need people with the interest and skills to push the boundaries of this field forward. We are lucky to be part of this world at this point, and we should take advantage of it and make history. Are you up for the challenge?



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