Grokking Functional Programming MEAP V10 epub cover


Thanks for purchasing the MEAP for Grokking Functional Programming. I’ve spent the last few years talking with programmers about the approach to programming, its maintainability and how functional programming concepts are slowly being adopted by mainstream languages. Many of them say it’s still very difficult to learn those concepts from the existing sources, which are either too simplified or too complex. That’s the gap this book is trying to fill. It aims to provide a step-by-step practical guidance for programmers that want to get the full picture of fundamental functional programming concepts.

People learn best from examples and that’s why this book is heavy on them. Theory always comes second or not at all. This is an introductory book and after finishing it, you’ll be able to write fully-featured programs using functional programming.

You’ll get the most benefit from this book if you’ve already created some non-trivial applications using an object-oriented language like Java or Ruby. It’s a big plus if you’ve worked on a team that struggled with lots of bugs and maintainability issues, because this is where functional programming strives the most.