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Relational database design is relevant to a broad array of fields where data management and information storage are critical, such as information technology, software development, data science, and business intelligence. If you study or work in such a field, and you seek personal growth or career advancement, it is crucial for you to have a solid understanding of relational database design. After all, relational databases continue to be the standard approach for data storage in many industries. Understanding relational database design can serve as a foundation for you to learn other related concepts and systems, such as data warehousing, data mining, and NoSQL databases.

We have been teaching database design and management for years, and we understand the barrier to learning this topic deeply. We appreciate the opportunity from Manning to write a book on relational database design, and want to make this book intuitive, informative, and, most importantly, appropriate for anyone who wants to learn a bit about this topic. As a result, we write this book with no assumption of your prior knowledge in programming or databases. If you have a high school education, you can read this book and understand how to design relational databases from scratch.