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Google Web Toolkit, or GWT, works on a simple but powerful idea. You write a web application in Java, and GWT cross-compiles it into JavaScript. This free, open source collection of tools is both supported and used by Google.

The latest version, GWT 2.5, includes a library of high-quality interface components, an easy-to-use UI designer, and a set of productivity tools that make using GWT a snap, and it supports industry-grade development techniques such as MVP, dependency injection, and event busses. And yes, the JavaScript it produces is really, really good, especially if you turn on the optional Closure compiler!

GWT in Action, Second Edition is a completely revised edition of the best-selling GWT book. It covers all the new features introduced in GWT 2.5, as well as the best development practices that have emerged in the GWT community. It begins with a rapid-fire introduction to GWT and Ajax to get you up to speed with GWT concepts and tools. Then, you’ll explore key concepts like managing events, interacting with the server, creating UI components, building your user interface declaratively using UiBinder, and more.

As you move through the engaging examples, you’ll pick up the skills you need to stay ahead of the pack. You’ll absorb the latest thinking in application design and industry-grade best practices, such as these:

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