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Helidon is a Java framework for developing cloud-native microservices. It’s quickly became popular in Java community. This book is written for Java developers and architects who want to start developing cloud-native applications using Helidon as well as developers interesting in developing applications using MicroProfile and Jakarta EE open standards.

To get the most benefit from the book you need to know Java syntax, semantics and basis of Java functional programming including lambda-functions. Also, you should be familiar with Maven and Curl.

This book is all you need to get started with Helidon. It can be used as a reference guide and as a preparation material for the upcoming Helidon Certification Exam from Oracle University. It contains three parts with increasing complexity.

First part contains introduction and general information answering the question “Why do you need it?” smoothly transitioning to creating your first Helidon application, packaging it into Docker container and deploying to Kubernetes.

Second part contains usual use cases you can reuse in your applications such as observability (health, metrics, tracing, logging), working with databases, calling other services, security, etc. We also cover all corresponding MicroProfile and Jakarta EE specifications.