Part 1. Hello! iPhone


This part of the book will help you get started being an iPhone application developer. By the time you’re finished with this part, you’ll have done the following:

  • Seen the Apple Developer website and tools
  • Set up your machine for development
  • Learned about the basic concepts required to create applications
  • Created two simple applications

Chapter 1 is focused on getting your machine ready for development. You’ll learn to navigate the Apple Developer website, download and install the Apple tools that you need to create apps, and take a tour through the two most important tools, Xcode and Interface Builder. At the end of the chapter, you’ll have created a Hello World! application.

Chapter 2 will help you start thinking about iPhone apps like a developer. You’ll begin by learning the basics of the model-view-controller model of GUI development and object-oriented design. Then we’ll move on to the topic of object lifetime, and you’ll apply what you’ve learned.

Then, in chapter 3, we’ll move on to the syntax of Objective-C, the programming language you use to write apps. We’ll end by showing you how to use these new concepts in Xcode and Interface Builder to create a slightly more complex application.