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About this book


I always wanted to reach out to 100,000 beginners so that they can learn programming and take their first few steps into the world of coding computers so that they can give shape to their ideas. I found that whereas more and more people want to learn programming, there aren’t enough resources available for them to fulfil their needs, and providing them with the right kind of resource, a stepping stone, was my intention in creating this book.


This book is for beginners of any age who want to start learning programming to create apps and to give shape to their own ideas. You may want to create apps for your children, grandchildren, yourself, your parents, or for the App Store. You should be able to create something yourself to make the life of someone around you easier, better, and more productive.

Road map

Thank you for being with me on this journey of learning Swift and iOS app programming! You’ll complete this journey through 14 milestones (chapters). I start by making you ready for this journey, helping you set up your hardware, software, and developer account. You find out how to create an app for your Apple Watch and even how to take off from there in terms of resources, references, learning by participating in online forums, and being future-ready. Before you proceed on this journey, however, I’d like to let you know where you’re heading.

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