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Hibernate Search is a library providing full-text search capabilities to Hibernate. It opens doors to more human friendly and efficient search engines while still following the Hibernate and Java Persistence development paradigm. This library relieves you of the burdens of keeping indexes up to date with the database, converts Lucene results into managed objects of your domain model, and eases the transition from a HQL-based query to a full-text query. Hibernate Search also helps you scale Lucene in a clustered environment.

Hibernate Search in Action aims not only at providing practical knowledge of Hibernate Search but also uncovering some of the background behind Hibernate Search’s design.

We will start by describing full-text search technology and why this tool is invaluable in your development toolbox. Then you will learn how to start with Hibernate Search, how to prepare and index your domain model, how to query your data. We will explore advanced concepts like typo recovery, phonetic approximation, and search by synonym. You will also learn how to improve performance when using Hibernate Search and use it in a clustered environment. The book will then guide you to more advanced Lucene concepts and show you how to access Lucene natively in case Hibernate Search does not cover some of your needs. We will also explore the notion of document scoring and how Lucene orders documents by relevance as well as a few useful tools like term highlighters.

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