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HTML5 is one of the fastest-growing technologies in web development. The reason for such a quick adoption is the technology’s usability across desktops and mobile devices. In theory, you program an application once, and it magically works everywhere. It also gives powerful native functionality through simple API access.

Because of HTML5’s dynamic nature, it’s usable for far more than just mobile and desktop browsers. It can be compiled into a native mobile app through platforms such as PhoneGap and appMobi, which can save developers and companies lots of money because they don’t have to maintain two completely separate code bases for apps on iOS and Android.

Most HTML5 APIs are still quite young, so we’ll guide you around pitfalls developers experience while building their first HTML5 apps. In addition, you’ll learn about modern fallback techniques, application-oriented JavaScript, and what is/isn’t an HTML5 API.

Who should read this book?

If you’re looking to build full-functioning, in-browser applications for the real world, then this book is for you. It covers everything from data storage, to messaging, and even interactive development such as video games.

This book is for developers who have a decent understanding of JavaScript and HTML syntax. If the terms loop, array, and JSON are completely unfamiliar to you, you should brush up on those before proceeding.


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