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About this book


HTTP/2 in Action was written to explain the protocol in an easy-to-follow, practical manner, using real-world examples. Protocol specifications can be dry and difficult to understand, so this book aims to ground the details in easy-to-understand examples that are relevant to all users of the internet.

Who should read this book?

This book was written for web developers, website administrators, and those who simply have an interest in understanding how internet technology works. The book aims to provide complete coverage of HTTP/2 and all the subtleties involved in it. Although plenty of blog posts on the topic exist, most are at a high level or a detailed level on a specific topic. This book aims to cover the entire protocol and many of the complexities involved in it, which should prepare the reader to read and understand the spec and specific blog posts, should they wish to read even further. HTTP/2 was created primarily to improve performance, so anyone who’s interested in web performance optimization is sure to gain useful understanding and insights. Additionally, the book contains many references for further reading.

How this book is organized

The book is 10 chapters divided into 4 parts.

Part 1 explains the background of, need for, and ways of upgrading to HTTP/2:

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