Chapter 1. Introducing iOS 4 with iPhone and iPad


This chapter covers

  • Understanding Apple’s iPhone and iPad technology
  • Installing the iOS 4 SDK
  • Anatomy of iOS
  • Turning your idea into an iOS application

The iPhone and iPad provide an unforgettable user experience. It’s one of the rare technologies that’s so intuitive that even a toddler can use it without a user manual. iOS provides a whole platform for developers. It comes with a huge global market and one integrated distribution place: the App Store. The iOS SDK offers a rich set of APIs for developers to turn their best ideas into killer applications. The new enhancements in iOS 4 allow developers to create applications faster and easier.

In this chapter, we’ll first introduce iOS 4 and then go over the key specifications of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We’ll cover the anatomy of iOS, including frameworks, windows, views, and methods. We’ll also cover events, memory management, and lifecycle management before providing tips on creating a successful application. Let’s start the story with the iOS platform.

1.1. All for one and one for all: the iOS platform

1.2. Understanding iPhone and iPad touch interaction

1.3. Getting ready for the SDK

1.4. Introducing iOS

1.5. iOS’s methods

1.6. How to make an application from an idea

1.7. Summary