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iPhone and iPad in Action is an introductory book, intended to teach the basics of iPhone SDK programming in a tutorial form. It’s an updated revision of iPhone in Action, which first appeared in 2008. We encourage you to read it straight through, from chapter 1 to 19. This will introduce the platform, how to program for the iPhone and iPad, and step you through the entire process in turn.

The audience

We’ve done our best to make this book accessible to everyone who is interested in writing native programs for the iPhone and iPad. We think it will be especially useful to people who are looking to dive into the iPhone/iPad arena, because it will allow you to create native applications for all of Apple’s iDevices.

If you want to learn about iPhone SDK programming, you should have some experience with programming in general. It’d be best if you’ve worked with C before, but that’s not a necessity; if you haven’t, you can read our introduction to Objective-C in chapter 2, and you should probably expect to do some research on your own to clarify things. There’s no need to be familiar with Objective-C, Cocoa, or Apple programming in general. We’ll give you everything you need to become familiar with Apple’s unique programming style. You’ll probably have a leg up if you understand object-oriented concepts; but it’s not necessary (and again, you’ll find an introduction in chapter 2).


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