Chapter 1. Introducing the iPhone


This chapter covers

  • Understanding Apple’s iPhone technology
  • Examining the iPhone’s specifications
  • Highlighting what makes the iPhone unique

In the 1980s Apple Computer was the leading innovator in the computer business. Their 1984 Macintosh computer revolutionized personal computing and desktop publishing alike. But by the 1990s the company had begun to fade; it was depending on its loyal user base and its successes in the past rather than creating the newest cutting-edge technology.

That changed again in 1996 when founder Steve Jobs returned to the fold. Two years later he produced the first candy-colored iMac, a computer that walked the line between computing device, pop culture, and fashion statement. It was just the first of several innovations under Jobs’ watch, the most notable of which was probably 2001’s iPod. The iPod was a masterpiece of portable design. It highlighted a simple and beautiful interface, giving users access to thousands of songs that they could carry with them all the time. But the iPod just whetted the public’s appetite for more.

1.1. iPhone core specifications

1.2. How the iPhone compares to the industry

1.3. How the iPhone is unique

1.4. Understanding iPhone input and output

1.5. Summary