Writing this book has been a labor of love for the past two years. One thing that has astonished us is the sheer number of people who are involved in such an endeavor, and how many individuals have helped us. Our thanks for support and assistance go out to our colleagues at Resolver Systems, the team at Manning, our reviewers, virtually the whole IronPython team who gave their advice and support at various times, and all those who bought the Early Access edition and gave feedback and pointed out typos.

These reviewers took time out of their busy schedules to read the manuscript at various times in its development and to send us their input. It is a much better book as a result. Thanks to Leon Bambrick, Max Bolingbroke, Dave Brueck, Andrew Cohen, Dr. Tim Couper, Keith Farmer, Noah Gift, Clint Howarth, Denis Kurilenko, Alex Martelli, Massimo Perga, and Robi Sen.

Without the help of these people, and more, this book wouldn’t have been possible. At Manning Publications, Michael Stephens gave us the opportunity, Jeff Bleiel was our tireless editor, Andrea Kaucher and Linda Recktenwald transformed the book through their copyediting, and Katie Tennant did the final proofread. Dino Viehland was our technical editor, and did great work. We also had help from Jimmy Schementi reviewing the Silverlight chapter and from Srivatsn Narayanan on chapter 14.