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Irresistible APIs provides all the information needed to plan and manage creation of a REST API. The book starts out with basic information about the technologies involved in web APIs—specifically REST APIs—to help make sure that readers have a great basic understanding of API functionality. Industry best practices are covered, informing the reader about how to think about creating a new platform. The book then describes a comprehensive process for planning, designing, and managing development of web APIs, from business value through developer support.

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This book is intended to be accessible to anyone interested on the topic of creating APIs—spanning from an individual developer or technical lead, through product and project managers, and up to executives directing engineering organizations. With that in mind, here are some thoughts on qualifications: the reader should understand, at least at a rudimentary level, the processes surrounding software development—planning, development, testing, and releasing. The reader should be able to follow somewhat technical discussions about software process, including the associated vocabulary. There are chapters that are introductions to specific topics and technologies. Where this occurs, there will be links out to the best supplemental material.

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