3 Istio’s data plane: Envoy Proxy

This chapter covers:

  • Understanding stand-alone Envoy Proxy and how it contributes to Istio
  • Hands on with Envoy configuration to get an appreciation for how it works
  • Envoy’s capabilities like traffic routing, resilience, and metric collection are core to a service mesh like Istio
  • How to configure Envoy and how Istio makes it easier to do so in a cluster
  • Exploration of Envoy’s Admin API to get a sense for how to introspect and debug a proxy

3.1  What is Envoy Proxy

3.1.1  Envoy’s core features

3.1.2  Envoy compared to other proxies

3.2  Configuring Envoy

3.2.1  Static configuration

3.2.2  Dynamic configuration

3.3  Envoy in action

3.3.1  Envoy’s Admin API

3.3.2  Envoy request retries

3.4  How Envoy fits with Istio

3.5  Summary



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