Java SE 11 Programmer I Certification Guide: Covers Exam 1Z0-815 MEAP V01 cover


Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for Java SE 11 Programmer I Certification Guide.

Java Programmer Certifications are important. They can help you get started or advance in your career as a Java Developer. But, preparing for these exams can be uninteresting. Let’s change that with this book. Let me fill your journey of preparing for this exam with fun, curiosity and interesting facts. I’ve added the fun elements to each chapter in various forms.

Each of the chapters in the book includes hands-on code and images to help you understand the concepts and retain them when you write your exam. Expect surprises – you might see pictorial representation of jokes or conversations to remember important coding concepts. Don’t miss the sections that recommend peeking at the source code of Java’s core API – like String or ArrayList class. Apart from experiencing the first a-ha moments of browsing through source code of Java’s core API – which you might have used often – you might also pick up the practice of browsing through source code of any API you use in your own projects.

The chapters also include 'Twist in the Tale' exercises. Their purpose is to encourage you to work with a modified version of an existing code snippet from the book, execute it and compare its output to the original code. Small changes to code can make big difference to its output. And the examiners want you to know these Java concepts inside out.