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One of the things you quickly realize when you work with any of the technologies covered by the Java EE umbrella is that many things are part of the specification, and some things are left as “implementation details” or left up to the implementer’s discretion. In practice, this means that any time you learn a Java EE technology, besides learning the fundamentals about that technology, you also need to learn how to apply or configure the technology in the environment in which you wish to deploy it. If your deployment environment of choice is the JBoss Application Server, then this book is for you because it covers those areas that are outside the scope of the specifications.

In this book, we cover a wide variety of technologies and show you how to configure those technologies specifically for use in the JBoss Application Server. Naturally, this can’t be done in a vacuum, so we provide simple examples that illustrate the technology and then walk you through the steps necessary to configure things such as deployment descriptors, access control, and encryption. Our intent isn’t to describe every nuance of any particular technology. For that, we recommend that you read books particular to those technologies (and we provide references at the end of most chapters). Instead, use this book to learn how to use the technology within the JBoss Application Server.



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