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Do more with less.

Plain and simple, that is the purpose of this book: to help you learn how to do more on your web application pages with less script. Your authors, one a jQuery contributor and evangelist and the other an avid and enthusiastic user, believe that jQuery is the best library available today to help you do just that.

This book is aimed at getting you up and running with jQuery quickly and effectively and, hopefully, having some fun along the way. The entire core jQuery API is discussed, and each API method is presented in an easy-to-digest syntax block that describes the parameters and return values of the method. Small examples of using the APIs effectively are included; and, for those big concepts, we provide what we call lab pages. These comprehensive and fun pages are an excellent way for you to see the nuances of the jQuery methods in action without the need to write a slew of code yourself.

All example code and lab pages are available for download at http://www.manning.com/bibeault.

We could go on and on with some marketing jargon telling you how great this book is, but you don’t want to waste time reading that, do you? What you really want is to get your arms into the bits and bytes up to your elbows, isn’t it?

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