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This book is for web developers who want to delve into jQuery, the most popular and adopted JavaScript library on the internet. The goal is to guide you, the reader, through the path of becoming a pro of jQuery regardless of your starting level, beginner or advanced. This tome covers the whole library in depth, including some additional tools and frameworks such as Bower and QUnit, without forgetting to advocate best practices. Each API method is presented in an easy-to-digest syntax block that describes the parameters and the return value of the method.

jQuery in Action, Third Edition covers topics from the simple, such as what’s jQuery and how to include it in a web page, to the advanced, such as the way the library implements Promises and how to create jQuery plugins. To help you in this journey, the content features many examples, three plugins, and three sample projects. It also includes what we called Lab Pages. These comprehensive and fun pages are an excellent way for you to see the nuances of the jQuery methods in action, without the need to write a slew of code yourself.

The book assumes a fundamental knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A previous knowledge of jQuery is not required but might come in handy to help you absorb the concepts faster.


We’ve divided the book into three parts: an introduction to jQuery and what it brings to the table, the jQuery core, where we cover all of its features, and a section on advanced topics.

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