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jQuery UI in Action’s primary purpose is to teach you how to use the jQuery UI library to build rich, user-friendly web applications. The book starts with the basics of creating and modifying widgets, and moves on to a series of complex examples, such as building widgets from scratch, optimizing your applications for production, and even building a complete flight-search application.

This book assumes that you have basic knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. If you’re not an expert don’t despair—when intermediate- and advanced-level concepts are brought up, they’re explained. If you’re finding yourself a bit overwhelmed, appendix A discusses resources for getting up to speed. On the flip side, if you’re an expert don’t despair either. You’ll build a number of real-world examples and discuss advanced aspects of the library throughout the book.


This book is organized into three parts.

Part 1 provides an introduction to jQuery UI. Chapter 1 introduces the library itself, with an explanation of what is in the library, what the library does well, and what it doesn’t do well. Chapter 2 explains the ins and outs of widgets, the core building blocks of jQuery UI.

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