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Hi There!

Wow, time does fly! It’s hard to believe it’s February 2022. While I’ve tried to improve the rate of MEAP releases, it still seems like life continues to throw challenges at me, impacting my delivery. But hang in there as, with this MEAP release, we’re just about halfway done! As before, I’m working to improve the timing of MEAP releases.

So what’s new in this installment? First of all, I’ve decided to change the title to Kafka Streams in Action 2nd Edition. After thinking about it for a while, the heart of this book is still Kafka Streams, so I wanted the title to reflect that fact. As for the content of this MEAP release, we continue with our coverage of the core Kafka Streams API, this time looking at stateful operations.

Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll learn in chapter 7:

  1. The difference between stateless and stateful applications
  2. The various types of stateful operations-- reduce, aggregations, and joins
  3. The importance of keys in stateful operations in Kafka Streams

I’m excited to present this chapter to you, as I think this is where you learn how to build powerful applications to solve real-world problems.

One thing to note is that I’ve updated to source code to support Java 17. Given all the significant improvements available in that release, I felt it worthwhile to make the switch. So be sure to update your local Java installation when working with the source code.