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Thanks for purchasing the MEAP of Knowledge Graphs Applied. Knowledge Graphs have become crucial in empowering advanced services that require contextual information, opening new opportunities for building powerful intelligence systems.

Knowledge Graphs Applied is the first practical guide to effectively leverage Knowledge Graphs to develop multiple types of applications in different domains, driving you in all the stages necessary for building complete solutions where Knowledge Graphs play a key role. It focuses on methods, best practices, algorithms, machine learning techniques, and design patterns related to Knowledge Graphs. Based on our direct experience (25-years cumulative) in building complex applications, this book suggests many recipes in which Knowledge Graphs are the main ingredient to prepare a tasty product for your customers or for your organization. Across the lifecycle of a complex knowledge-driven project, such approaches can be useful in several aspects: managing and integrating information from data sources more efficiently, implementing better algorithms, storing the insights extracted from the Knowledge Graph so that they can be accessed faster, and visualizing the results in a more effective way to enable further analysis.