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As part of my work at Red Hat, I started using Kubernetes in 2014, even before version 1.0 was released. Those were interesting times. Not many people working in the software industry knew about Kubernetes, and there was no real community yet. There were hardly any blog posts about it and the documentation was still very basic. Kubernetes itself was ridden with bugs. When you combine all these facts, you can imagine that working with Kubernetes was extremely difficult.

In 2015 I was asked by Manning to write the first edition of this book. The originally planned 300-page book grew to over 600 pages full of information. The writing forced me to also research those parts of Kubernetes that I wouldn’t have looked at more closely otherwise. I put most of what I learned into the book. Judging by their reviews and comments, readers love a detailed book like this.

The plan for the second edition of the book is to add even more information and to rearrange some of the existing content. The exercises in this book will take you from deploying a trivial application that initially uses only the basic features of Kubernetes to a full-fledged application that incorporates additional features as the book introduces them.