1 Introduction to Quarkus, MicroProfile, and Kubernetes


This chapter covers

  • Microservices overview
  • Overview and history of MicroProfile
  • Quarkus introduction
  • Kubernetes introduction

Entire books are available on Quarkus, microservices, MicroProfile, Spring, and Kubernetes. However, they tend to focus only on each specific topic. This book covers how to combine these topics into an effective and integrated development and deployment stack. Kubernetes-native microservices utilize and integrate with Kubernetes features naturally and efficiently. The result is a productive developer experience that is consistent with the expectations of Kubernetes platform administrators.

This chapter begins by defining microservices and how and why they have evolved over the last decade as a popular enterprise software architecture. We then provide a brief history and overview of MicroProfile and its growth into a significant collection of microservices-related specifications. With a baseline understanding of microservices and MicroProfile, we introduce Quarkus as a Java runtime that supports these technologies. Last, we introduce some core Kubernetes concepts and why they make Kubernetes an ideal microservice deployment platform.

1.1 What is a microservice?

1.1.1 The rise of microservices

1.1.2 Microservices architecture

1.1.3 The need for microservices specifications

1.2 MicroProfile

1.2.1 History of MicroProfile

1.2.2 MicroProfile community core principles

1.3 Quarkus

1.3.1 Developer joy

1.3.2 MicroProfile support

1.3.3 Runtime efficiency

1.4 Kubernetes

1.4.1 Introduction to Kubernetes

1.5 Kubernetes-native microservices