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This book is written for developers and operators familiar with Kubernetes, CLI tooling, Git, and basic knowledge about software development and YAML files.

Security is a continuously evolving topic. Each week, news of a new vulnerability is reported along with intrusions being detected or achieved. One of the reasons for adopting a container native strategy is the many security benefits of cloud-native application development and operation. As containers are becoming more and more popular, Kubernetes becomes the de-facto container orchestrator.

By the conclusion of this book, you will better understand the role that Secrets play in a Kubernetes environment along with way technologies and approaches that can be used to manage sensitive resources within applications properly.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 will fly through the basics of Kubernetes that you’ll need in the following chapters: a Pod, a Deployment, how to create ConfigMaps and Secrets and injecting them into a container, and how to deal with Volumes.